Categories of Membership

  1. Membership of the Association shall be divided into three (3) categories:
    • Life Member;
    • Ordinary Member; and
    • Associate Life Member.
  2. Subject to having fulfilled all the requirements stipulated in Article 6 herein, any applicant whose application for admission in accordance with Article 7 herein has been duly approved by the National Council (hereinafter referred to as “National Council”), shall become a Life Member (hereinafter referred to as “Life Member”) after settling the admission fee stipulated under Article 8.1 herein.
  3. Subject to having fulfilled all the requirements stipulated in Article 6 herein, any applicant whose application for admission in accordance with Article 7 herein has been duly approved by the National Council, shall become an Ordinary Member (hereinafter referred to as “Ordinary Member” after settling the admission fee stipulated under Article 8.2 herein.
  4. Subject to having fulfilled some of the requisite requirements stipulated in Article 6 herein, any applicant who is willing to abide by this Constitution as amended from time to time and agrees and undertakes to observe all the rules, regulations, by-laws and conditions made hereunder and all resolutions and decisions made by the National General Assembly (hereinafter referred to as “National General Assembly”), National Council and or other competent authorities of the Association, and whose application for admission in accordance with Article 7 herein has been duly approved by the National Council, shall become an Associate Life Member (hereinafter referred to as “Associate Life Member”) after settling the admission fee stipulated under Article 8.1 herein.
  5. Save and except the difference in the admission fee and annual subscription fee payable, all life members and ordinary members shall enjoy the same privileges and bear the same obligations as stipulated under Article 9 herein.

Membership Eligibility

Any registered trade associations, corporations or firms (which expression wherever appearing in this Constitution shall include sole-proprietorships and partnerships) having been duly registered under the relevant law of Malaysia; or any individual having attained the age of twenty-one (21) years who is or was registered as a member of a professional body regulated by legislation in Malaysia and has not been struck off the register or suspended from practice of that professional body for any period of time; and are engaging or intend to engage himself in commercial activities or professional services between Malaysia and China and are willing to abide by the Constitution of the Association as amended from time to time and agrees and undertakes to observe all the rules, regulations, by- laws and conditions made hereunder and all resolutions and decisions made by the National General Assembly, National Council and or other competent authorities of the Association shall be eligible to apply to become a member;

PROVIDED THAT notwithstanding the aforesaid, the National Council may if deem fit, admit such registered trade associations, corporations, firms or individuals which do not fulfill all of the above stated qualifications as Associate Life Members in accordance with Articles 5(4).

Application of Membership

  1. Any applicant desirous of being admitted as a member of the Association shall complete the prescribed application form duly supported by a nominator and a seconder and submit the same to the secretariat of the Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Secretariat”) for consideration by the National Council.
  2. The Secretariat of the Association shall cause the relevant application to be posted on the notice board of the Association for not less than ten (10) clear days. Any existing member who wishes to object to the said application shall do so by submitting a notice in writing to the Secretary General setting out the grounds thereof within the aforesaid period.
  3. An applicant shall become a member of the Association only upon approval by the National Council of his application and upon payment of the relevant entrance fee and annual subscription or the lump sum subscription as provided under Article 8 hereof to the Chamber.
  4. The National Council shall have absolute discretion in rejecting any membership application and shall not be required to assign any reason thereto.
  5. In the case where the applicant is a trade association, a corporation or a firm, the applicant shall nominate a person in the application form to be its authorized representative; Provided that the representative shall be:-

    in the case of a trade association, an office bearer; in the case of a corporation, either a shareholder, director or executive; in the case of a partnership, a partner; or the sole proprietor of a sole proprietorship.

Admission Fees and Annual Subscriptions

The admission fees and annual subscriptions are as follow:

  1. Life Member and Associate Life Member
    The admission fee for a Life Member or an Associate Life Member shall be Ringgit Malaysia Three Thousand (RM3,000-00) (excluding government tax). No annual subscription is payable by a Life Member or an Associate Life Member.
  2. Ordinary Member
    The admission fee for an Ordinary Member shall be Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred (RM500-00) (excluding government tax) and an annual subscription of Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred (RM500-00) (excluding government tax) shall also be payable on or before the 1st day of April each year. For purpose of this provision, any part of a year shall be deemed as a membership year.
  3. Special Subscription
    The Association may resolve at a national general assembly to solicit for special subscriptions for a specific course from the members from time to time.
  4. The National Council subject to Article 73 may amend the amount of admission fees and annual subscription fees payable under this article for the various categories of members,

    Provided that the Association shall notify the Registrar of Societies of the changes within fourteen (14) days from the date of such amendments.

Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
12th (2019-2022) Working Committees

General Affairs Committee
Advisor : Datuk Tan Yew Sing
Chairman : Tan Peng Chung
Deputy Chairman : Bryan Chong Bar Yuan, Tan In Fong
Committee Members :
Loo Kok Seong, Kevin Siah Teong Chein, Thay Peng Hong, Yong Cher Vee, Helen Seibt
Financial Affairs Committee
Advisor : Ngan Teng Ye
Chairman : Thay Peng Hong
Deputy Chairman : Yong Cher Vee
Committee Member :
Tan Peng Chung, Loo Kok Seong, Dato’Bong Siak Kee, Lee Ying Wai
Trade Fair and Business Development Committee
Advisor : Kevin Siah Teong Chein
Chairman : Ting Young Kang
Deputy Chairman : Zaklean Ansari
Committee Member :
Cheong Chee Choon, Patrick Ng Yi Sheng, Roy Chong Yoon Loy, Roger Lim Kean Boon
Public Relations Committee
Advisor : Tan Kee Hock
Chairman : Dato’ Jeffrey Ng
Deputy Chairman : Tai Chin Peow
Committee Member :
Ting Young Kang, Jecvin Loh Ping Kong, Huang Chun Xiang, Chow Lili, Yong Sook Fun
Commerce Committee
Advisor : Lee Chee Hian
Chairman : Koh Keng Kok
Deputy Chairman : Cheong Chee Choon
Committee Member :
Dato’ Bong Siak Kee, Dato’ Simon Wong Yuan Cheat, Dato’ Yeat Siaw Ping , Patrick Ng Yi Sheng
Business, Economics and Investment Committee
Advisor Kerk Loong Sing
Chairman : Lee Koh Yung, Sean
Deputy Chairman : Tan Kok Toon
Committee Member :
Cheah Soo Chuan, Edmund Loo Chun Keat, Dato' Wong Yew Kai, Dato Thomas Thong Ah Nee, Datuk M.Supperamaniam, Dr. Amy Lim Swee Geok, Ir Dr Mohd Shahreen Zainoreen, Steven Wong Weng Leong
Publication Committee
Chairman : Tan In Fong
Deputy Chairman : Cheah Von Ying
Information Technology Committee
Chairman : Yong Kai Ping
Deputy Chairman : Michael Lim Lip Oon
Committee Member :
Goh Boon Peng, Chua Khai Suan, Loo Chuan Boon, William Lian, Gary Boon, Lim Yah Whee
Legal Committee
Chairman : Dato’ Teh Kim Teh
Deputy Chairman : Loh Chang Woo
Committee Member :
Yong Siew Lee, Ryan Chew Hong Chiang, Dato’ Dr.Teh Tai Yong, Rochard Teh Tai Sheng, Charlie Ng, Dato’ Ricky Tan Seng Cheong, Thomas Chin Shiaw Wei

Property Management Committee

Advisor   Kevin Siah Teong Chein 
Chairman : Dato’ Bong Siak Kee
Deputy Chairman : Dato’ Yeat Siaw Ping
Committee Member :
Michael Lim Lip Oon, Bryan Chong Bar Yuan, Datuk Vincent Sim Tiak Choo, Chong Lian Hing, Dato’ Lim Wern Siang, Eugene Roy Joseph

Membership Committee

Advisor : Lee Koh Yung, Sean
Chairman : Lim Le Kern
Deputy Chairman : Tai Chin Peow

Branch Liaison Committee

Chairman : Loo Kok Seong
Deputy Chairman : Dato’ Joseph Lim Heng Ee
Committee Member :
Kevin Siah Teong Chein, Tan Peng Chung, Bryan Chong Bar Yuan, Thay Peng Hong, Helen Seibt, Datuk Lau Kok Sing, Datuk Lim Kok Ann, Lai Weng Keong, Cheou Siah Liang, Dato’ Yeoh Moh Chai, Dato’ See Meng Geok, Micheal Chin Wee Yee, Datuk Lau Nai Hoh, Ko Yu Aid, Dato’ Andy Chiew Yoke Theng, Dato’ Chin Yoke Choon, Dato’ Simon Wong Yuan Cheat, Shirley Low Swee Lan, Teh Eng Hin, Cheong Chee Choon, Datuk Tan Choon Hwa, Lee Chuan Chye, Lun Mon Tick @ Lai Ven Te, Zaini bin Ibrahim, Soh Chong Mun

BM & English Entrepreneurs Committee

Chairman : Ahmad Tajuddin Carrim
Deputy Chairman : Eugene Roy Joseph
Committee Member :
Dato’ Rajendran, Christopher Won, Gary Soon, Jonathan Kan, Tan Poh Ling

International Relation Committee   

Chairman : Dato’ Simon Wong Yuan Cheat
Deputy Chairman : Shirley Low Swee Lan
Committee Member :
Dato’ Chin Yoke Chun, Michael Lim Lip Oon, Dato’ Yeat Siaw Ping, Dato’ Bong Siak Kee, Dato Lim Wern Siang, Tan Kok Toon, Lim Nam Chong, Lee Vee Meng, Koh Keng Kok

Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
11th (2016-2019) Life Honorary Presidents/Honorary President/Executive Advisor/Honorary Advisor/Legal Advisor

永久荣誉会长 Life Honorary President

Tan Kai Hee
Hai-O Enterprise Berhad
Tan Sri Dato' Lim Guan Teik
Muda Holdings Berhad
Datuk Yong Ah Pwi
Chung Chemicals Sdn Bhd
Dato' Bong Hon Liong
Hua Feng Hung Sdn Bhd

名誉会长 Honorary President

Tan Sri Dato' Seri (Dr) Yeoh Tiong Lay
YTL Corporation Berhad
Tan Sri Dato' Lee Kim Yew
Country Heights Group of Companies
Dato' Lim Kok Cheong, JP
Yee Lee Corporation Berhad
Tan Sri Dato' Sri Pheng Yin Huah
Kinsteel Berhad
Dato' Abdul Majid Ahmad Khan
Malaysia-China Friendship Association
Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Lim Gait Tong
Farlim Group (M) Berhad
Tan Sri Sir Tiong Hiew King
Rimbunan Hijau Group
Tan Sri Dr Lim Wee Chai
Top Glove Corporation Berhad
Dato' Seri Nazir Razak
CIMB Group Holdings Bhd
Tan Sri Tan Koon Swan
Tungling Corporation Sdn Bhd
Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin
Eco World Development Group Berhad
Tan Sri Lim Soon Peng
Titijaya Land Berhad & Group of Companies
会务顾问 Executive Advisor

Low Kan
Mew Jin Seng
Anhong Chemicals Sdn Bhd
Ting Chin Ching
Sun Jiang Trading Co.
Datuk Tan Ten Pong
Tong Huang Trading Sdn Bhd
Dr Yeong Yue Chai
Nam Leong Co. Sdn Bhd

法律顾问 Legal Advisor

Lim Chee Wee
Dato’ Yeo Yang Poh
Yeo Chambers
Lee Kek Siong
c/o Messrs K B Chua & Co Advocates & Solicitors
名誉顾问 Honorary Advisor

Wong Nai Chee
Tan Sri Lim Hock San, JP
LBS Bina Group
Tan Sri Dato’
Alex Chen Kooi Chiew

MKH Berhad
Tan Sri Dato Sri
Barry Goh Ming Choon

MCT Berhad
Wang Choon Wing
Belt & Road Asean Strategic
Information Centre(BASIC)
Ng Lip Yong
Suresh Kumar J. Gorasia
Amalgamated Engineering &
Commercial Co. (KL) Sdn Bhd
Wan Saiful Wan Jan
IDEAS Malaysia
Chua Kim Boon
K. B. Chua & Co.
Datuk Tan Teow Choon
RB Biotech Sdn Bhd
Datuk Wira (Dr.) Hj Ameer Ali
Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd
Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai
Star Media Group Berhad
Dato’ Ong Chong Yi
China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial
Park (Guangxi) Development Co. Ltd.
Dato’ (Dr) Siew Ka Wei
Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board

Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
6th Young Entrepreneurs Committee (2019-2022)

Chairman : Bryan Chong Bar Yuan
Deputy Chairman : Lim Le Kern
Vice Chairman : Cheah Von Ying , Yong Pik Shan
Secretary : Yong Siew Lee
Deputy Secretary : Andy Lim Chin Chong
Treasurer : Adrian Leong Soon Poh
Deputy Treasurer : Thay Peng Hooi
Council Member : Alvin Ng Choon Kiang, Ryan Chew Hong Chiang,
Roy Chong Yuen Loy, Patrick Ng Yi Sheng,
Roger Lim Kean Boon, Ong Chee Meng,
Pau Chang Wah, Stephen Lim Heng Leong,
Joey Tng Sok Teng, Tim Long Tien Chung

请填写青年企业家委员会入会表格 Please fill up the Young Entrepreneurs Committee Membership Application Form

活动照片 Photo Gallery

Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
Branch Council

Melaka Branch
President : Datuk Lim Kok Ann, JP
First Vice President : Datuk Wira Tan Kang Yong, JP
Vice President : Ki Tak Sang, JP | Jason Tiu Meng Seng | Lim Loke Shien
Secretary : Emily Tan Lay Koon
Deputy Secretary : Datuk Lee Shiann
Treasurer : Ang Beng
Deputy Treasurer : Goh Teck Hai
Director of Commercial Affairs : Low Kim Joo
Deputy Director of C.A : Tan Bee Long
Director of Public Relations : Datuk Ang Cheng Hai
Deputy Director of P.R : Lee Chuan Chye
State Council Member : Datuk Terence Tan Kok Sui, JP | Datuk Yap Pit Kian | Dato' Wong Chong Lin | Datuk Lam Nyit Wah, JP | Chu Kwee San | Chew Chert Fong | Low Cheng Liang
Internal Auditor : Keng Kian Lee
Perak Branch
President : AMP Chai Koh Pian
First Vice President : Tan Say Huai
Vice President : Leong Keng Wan | Shirley Low
Secretary : Cheong Chee Choon
Deputy Secretary : Chen Yen Liong
Treasurer : Lai Weng Keong
Deputy Treasurer : Soh Chong Mun
Director of Commercial Affairs : Michel Yee Yoke Cheng
Deputy Director of C.A : Leong Chee Chong
Director of Public Relations : Wilson Mak Kin Wing
Deputy Director of P.R : Dato' Tay Chiang Ou
State Council Member : Tan Cheng Teong | Lee Hock Nee | Eric Chan Rong Sheng | Joe Ng Sin Cho
Internal Auditor : Lim Chin Hang
Johor Branch
President : Cheou Siah Liang
First Vice President : Yang Yoon Kai
Vice President : Cheon Lai Heng | Dato’ Tan Mein Kwang | Law Piang Woon
Secretary : Lim Poh Hock
Deputy Secretary : Alan Teng Teck Hoong
Treasurer : Chai Kwok Yaw
Deputy Treasurer : Chong Kee Seng
Director of Commercial Affairs : Michelle Ong Ai Khim
Deputy Director of C.A : Lun Mon Tick @ Lai Ven Te
Director of Public Relations : Tan Kian Chuan
Deputy Director of P.R : Choo Chee Chun
State Council Member : Chong Choon Sern | Dato'Sri Teo Seng Hock | Low Kok Yong | Chong Foo Kean | Yoh Chien Swee | Kang Sea Wai | Dato’ See Kian Seng
Internal Auditor : Neoh Seng Kuang
Penang Branch
President : Teh Eng Hin
First Vice President : Dato’ Yeoh Moh Chai
Vice President : Dato’Lim Shong Thai | Dato' Tony Khor Chong Boon
Secretary : Teh Win Sern
Deputy Secretary : Tan Keng Joo
Treasurer : Dato’ Tan Lye Hock
Deputy Treasurer : Dato’ Tan Heng Kheng
Director of Commercial Affairs : Lim Siew Boon
Deputy Director of C.A : Ooi Beng Geh
Director of Public Relations : Tan Chia Min
Deputy Director of P.R : Teh Tat Beng
State Council Member : Teh Hun Eng | Chew Aun Seng | Michael Teh Wee Cheong | Lau Keng Ee | Dato Yeoh Cheng Hooi | Ong Say Cheang | Chong Wee Beng
Internal Auditor : Ooi Hock Eng
Terengganu Branch
President : Dato’ See Meng Geok
First Vice President : Siew Chee Yong
Vice President : Cheng Loy Hin | Chow Yoon Fat
Secretary : Monna Ong Siew Siew
Deputy Secretary : Leang See Hong
Treasurer : Ho Kok Choun, PJK
Deputy Treasurer : Tan Siew Lian @ Sii Tung Hu
Director of Commercial Affairs : Dato’ Lau Chen Nai
Deputy Director of C.A : Chen Chun Chet
Director of Public Relations : Dato’ Lim Chee Hoow
Deputy Director of P.R : Kee Wei Loon
State Council Member : Chia Moi Meng | Cheam Tow Yang | Wong Tow Leong | Gan Raymond | Ong Thian Chin
Internal Auditor : How Wong Yuh
Sabah Branch
President : Datuk Frankie Liew C.T
First Vice President : Foo Ngee Kee
Vice President : Dato' Dr. Tan Tiang Lai
Dato' Soh Poh Soon
Datuk Liew Siew Kian
Lau Wei Dick @ Dexter Dick Lau
Secretary : Michael Chin Wee Yee
Deputy Secretary : Tan Siew Ling
Treasurer : Brett Chua Man Kui
Deputy Treasurer : Chin Men Fui
Director of Commercial Affairs : Tan Kian Min
Deputy Director of C.A : Thomas Ng
Director of Public Relations : Ngan Yoke Loo
Deputy Director of Public Relations : Tiong Jia Jow
State Council Member : Roger Lok Ee Kai
Chou Min Kong
Robert Chang Kon Hee
Jacky Chin Thau Chung
Terrance Chong Kett Chiew
Internal Auditor : Datuk Alan Ang Poon Seong
Sarawak Branch
President : Datuk Lau Nai Hoh
First Vice President : Ting Huat Chie
Vice President : Wong Teck Hiong | Wong Tin Kwong
Secretary : Kong Chong Men
Deputy Secretary : Lau Yong Kwong
Treasurer : Kong Hian Khim
Deputy Treasurer : Lam Lee Hong
Director of Commercial Affairs : Lau Ing Siong
Deputy Director of C.A : Tan Lay Yan
Director of Public Relations : Ngu Ing Hong
Deputy Director of P.R : Hii Chung Chuong
State Council Member : Kapitan Hii Toh Ping | Pet Yen Leh | Ting Hua Kuok | Dato’ Sri Tang Tiong Tai | Hii Yik Ping | Kapitan Lau Kiu Seng
Internal Auditor : Ngieng Ping Sing
Kelantan Branch
President : Datuk Tan Choon Hwa, J.P
First Vice President : Gan Leong Piow
Vice President : Goh Wong Swee | Goh Yung San
Secretary : Ooi Siong Hwa
Deputy Secretary : Lau Chit Fang
Treasurer : Dr. Sim Eng Kean
Deputy Treasurer : Yang Kiam Kui
Director of Commercial Affairs : Dato Seri Steven Ng
Deputy Director of C.A : Andrew Gan Yew Lai
Director of Public Relations : Dato' Low Yu Seng
Deputy Director of P.R : Kang Chee Kok
State Council Member : Ko Eh Su | Jenny Ooi Mee Chun | Tai Yen Chin | Saw Lee Tan | Lily Pang Le Kien
Internal Auditor : Choo Kok Poon
Pahang Branch
President : Dato' Andy Chiew Yoke Theng
First Vice President : Dato' Fong Sin Lon
Vice President : Dato' Simon Wong Yuan Cheat | Dato’ Chin Yoke Choon
Secretary : See Ee Leong
Deputy Secretary : Tay Yap Seng
Treasurer : Sam Choon Chiong
Deputy Treasurer : Ong Eng Guan
Director of Commercial Affairs : Dato’ Laow Weng Choon
Deputy Director of C.A : Bong Chee Joon
Director of Public Relations : Lim Nam Chong
Deputy Director of P.R : Tan Man Ha
State Council Member : Sim Chin Leong | Ng Kee Yong | San Chyi Perng
Internal Auditor : Low Sow Long

Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
5th (2016-2019) Young Entrepreneurs Committee

Chairman : Bryan Chong Bar Yuan
First Vice Chairman : Lim Le Kern
Vice Chairman : Yong Pik Shan,Ong Chee Meng
Secretary : Cheah Von Ying
Vice Secretary : Patrick Ng Yi Sheng
Treasurer : Stephen Lim Heng Leong
Deputy Treasurer : Joey Tng Sok Teng
Youth Council Member : Dato Lim Wern Siang | Alvin Low Kok Yong | Adrian Leong Soon Poh | Long Tien Chung | Thay Peng Hooi | Yap Han Kem | Pau Chang Wah | Emily Mong Mei Sin | Charlie Ng Zheng Hui | Alvin Ng Choon Kiang | Andy Lim Chin Chong | Yong Siew Lee | Tan E Hun | Maxwell Tan E Hern | Ryan Chew Hong Chiang

请填写青年企业家委员会入会表格 Please fill up the Young Entrepreneurs Committee Membership Application Form

Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
1st Women Entrepreneurs Committee (2019-2022)

Chairperson : Helen Seibt
Deputy Chairperson : Dato’ Angie Ng
Vice Chairperson : Jamie Tiew,Datuk Emily Tan
Secretary : Joanne Teh
Deputy Secretary : Esther Tan
Treasurer : Coral Chia
Deputy Treasurer : Yvette Chin
Council Member : Yenzy Chen, Serene Ng, Meghan Chan,
Tang Kae Sue, Connie Tang, Low Lai Peng,
Stephany Ng, Serena Liow, Pauline Gan,
Janet Chan, Chow Lili, Nicole Yong, Jasmine Chin,
Jenny Liu

请填写女企业家委员会入会表格 Please fill up the Women Entreperneurs Committee Membership Application Form

活动照片 Photo Gallery

Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
12th National Council (2019-2022)

Datuk Tan Yew Sing
INTI Education Holdings Sdn Bhd
Loo Kok Seong
Deputy President
Pearl Holiday (M) Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd
Kevin Siah Teong Chein
Vice President
Top Quarter (M) Sdn Bhd
Ngan Teng Ye
Vice President
Ngan & Ngan Holdings Sdn Bhd
Kerk Loong Sing
Vice President
Kerk Holdings Sdn Bhd
Datuk Lau Kok Sing
Vice President
Kim Teck Cheong Consolidated Berhad
Dato' Lim Heng Ee, Joseph
Vice President
Global Green Synergy Sdn Bhd
Tan Kee Hock
Vice President
Hai-O Enterprise Berhad
Lee Chee Hian
Vice President
Makmur Malaya Sdn Bhd
Dato'See Meng Geok
Vice President
Value Nanhai Holidays Sdn Bhd
Dato' Rajendran Ramachandran
Vice President
Krista Development Sdn Bhd
Tan Peng Chung
Secretary General
Technointan Holding Sdn Bhd
Bryan Chong Bar Yuan
Deputy Secretary General
ByLogis Sdn Bhd
Tan In Fong
Deputy Secretary General
Axismatics Professional Institute
Thay Peng Hong
Perniagaan Elektrik Seagull Sdn Bhd
Yong Cher Vee
Deputy Treasurer
Chung Chemicals Sdn Bhd
Datuk Lim Kok Ann
National Council Member
Khian Henn Corp. Sdn Bhd
Lai Weng Keong
National Council Member
Great Skills Sdn Bhd
Cheou Siah Liang
National Council Member
Guan Kee Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Dato' Yeoh Moh Chai
National Council Member
Tiong Shin Hung Sdn Bhd
Micheal Chin Wee Yee
National Council Member
U.N.E.Trading Sdn Bhd
Datuk Lau Nai Hoh
National Council Member
Tuong Aik Shipyard Sdn Bhd
KoYu Aid
National Council Member
Ehsan Marketing Sdn Bhd
Dato' Andy Chiew Yoke Theng
National Council Member
Big Power Venture Sdn Bhd
Helen Seibt
National Council Member
Malaysian German Resources Sdn Bhd
Koh Keng Kok
National Council Member
Hai Soon Leong Sdn Bhd
Ting Young Kang
National Council Member
Sun Jiang Trading Sdn Bhd
Lee Koh Yung (Sean Lee)
National Council Member
Ausscar Capital Sdn Bhd
Yong Kai Ping
National Council Member
Oso Cane Sdn Bhd
Datuk Teh Kim Teh
National Council Member
Teh Kim Teh, Salina & Co - Ms Tan
Lim Le Kern
National Council Member
Innoglass Sdn Bhd
Dato' Yeat Siaw Ping
National Council Member
IBG Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Ahmad Tajuddin Bin Abdul Carrim
National Council Member
Add Coral Services Sdn Bhd
Dato' Wong Yuan Cheat
National Council Member
CPY Trading & Engineering Works Sdn Bhd
Dato' Jeffrey Ng Chin Heng
National Council Member
LBI Capital Bhd
Cheong Chee Choon
National Council Member
Weng Sun Medical Sdn Bhd
Dato' Bong Siak Kee
National Council Member
Karib Group
Michael Lim Lip Oon
National Council Member
AMT PC Distributors Sdn Bhd
Loo Chang Woo
National Council Member
Cw Loh & Associates
Tai Chin Peow
National Council Member
Travelsight (M) Sdn Bhd
Chong Lian Hing
National Council Member
Polyvit Sdn Bhd
Eugene Roy Joseph
National Council Member
Shirley Low Swee Lan
National Council Member
SMA Industries Sdn Bhd
Cheah Von Ying
National Council Member
Hup Wing (M) Sdn Bhd
Dato' Lai Tak Kuan
National Council Member
Theen Seng Paper Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
Alice Lee Sok Wah
National Council Member
Lee Sok Wah & Co.
Datuk Sim Tiak Choo
National Council Member
City Art Gallery Sdn Bhd
Dato' Chin Yoke Choon
National Council Member
Tunas Manja Sdn Bhd
Teh Eng Hin
National Council Member
Gem Galajaya Sdn Bhd
Hew Kit Kong
National Council Member
Castmaster Sdn Bhd
Tan Kok Toon
National Council Member
Affin Bank Berhad
Lun Mon Tick
National Council Member
LVT Jurutera Perunding
Lee Chuan Chye
National Council Member
G.L. Advertising & Design Sdn Bhd
Datuk Tan Choon Hwa J.P
National Council Member
TCH Vision Trading Corporation Sdn Bhd
IR Zani Bin Ibrahim
National Council Member
Perunding Irzi Sdn Bhd
Abdul Mohsein Bin Mohd Shariff
National Council Member
Agro Jerneh Sdn Bhd
KPC Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd
Ravindran Navaratnam
National Council Member
Sage 3 Sdn Bhd
Tengku Shahrir Bin Tengku Adnan
National Council Member
Biotropics Malaysia Berhad
Datuk Tan Yee Boon
National Council Member
David Lai & Tan Law Firm
Jasmine Chin
National Council Member
GD Development Sdn Bhd
Teh Yeow Meng
National Council Member
YMT Global Trading
Datuk Emily Tan Lay Koon
National Council Member
Clean & Beautiful (M) Sdn Bhd
Dato' Ong Chong Yi
National Council Member
China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park (Guangxi) Development Co. Ltd.