New Year's Day Message by:
Datuk Tan Yew Sing, President of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
1 January 2020

On behalf of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC), I wish all sectors of the community a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

2020 marks the Malaysia and China Cultural Tourism Year. The tourism industry is an important part of the service sector, it brings a lot of business opportunities to our country, bring the country’s economy into play.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture, the number of foreign tourists visited Malaysia in the first six months of 2019 has reached 13.35 million, bringing revenues of 4.16 billion Ringgit to our country. Looking ahead to 2020 tourism year, our country could expect 30 million foreign tourists and 3.5 million Chinese tourists, which can generate income of more than 100 billion Ringgit.
Not only will we invite representatives of Malaysia and China to have exchanges in the cultural and creative industry, we also invite the relevant units of the two countries to present cultural performances with local characteristics, to enable both countries to better understand the local culture. This event will not only stimulate local tourism, but also promote the development of relevant local industries.

In the 2020 Budget, the Government announced the allocation of 1.1 billion Ringgit to develop the domestic tourism industry and introducing tax-free concessions to promote tourism development, make our country a major tourist destination. We should seize this opportunity to jointly promote Malaysia’s cultural and tourism industries.

The people of Malaysia and China have profound friendship. Today's deepening cooperation in the field of cultural and tourism will bring about a win-win outcome of cooperation and benefit to future generations.

With the rapid development of digitization, Malaysia can integrate the initiative of the Belt and Road, the advanced technology, the cultural industry, the tourism industry and creativity. The Malaysia-China Cultural and Tourism activities that organized by MCCC in Sabah and North Peninsular is an example of this integration.