Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
Annual General Meeting 2019

Dear Distinguished Members of MCCC

Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, Member of media,

First of all, on behalf of the Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC), I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all of the participants today and all Distinguished Members of MCCC who have support us for a long time.

Malaysia and China are celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations this year, the year 2019 also marks the 29th Anniversary of the MCCC since our establishment in 1990.

We are glad to witnessing Malaysia-China relations have now reached new heights. This resulted from the wisdom of both countries top leadership in mitigating strategic dynamics at the global, regional and domestic levels.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Belt and Road initiative has been proposed since 2013. It has developed well in the past six years, and it has shown encouraging results in terms of speed of formation, speed of international acceptance, and speed of project promotion. It is not difficult for us to find out that the implementation of The Belt and Road initiative is mainly divided into three important strategies : Firstly, it is not only a China’s project, it must also ensure the countries along the route to participate and promote abroad further.

BRI is not only for economic development, it is necessary to promote the exchanges and interactions on culture and education aspect.

Lastly, it should fully mobilize the participation of private enterprises in various countries in the BRI , especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. This will serve as a new engine to promote the "Belt and Road" project.

Looking forward, Malaysia and China have set 2020 as the Year of Culture and Tourism between the two countries to promote greater people-to-people contact and sustainable social-economic growth.

In order to attract more tourists from Malaysia to travel to mainland China and vice versa, we suggesting better facilities and services should be available as well as more attractive amenities to increase the number of visitors.

One of the main idea should be looks at resolution in visitors visa and simplifying Foreign investment Business registration and approval plus necessary incentives. We hope government would put much more effort in resolving this problems.

After these 3 years term (from 2016 to 2019), we are proud to tell all of you where my MCCC election manifesto which proposed in year 2016 is mostly accomplished or making great improvements.
Ladies and gentlemen,

With the unstable economic trend caused by the China-US trade war, many world leaders and many international organizations have expressed their concern that the trade war may drag the global economy.

We look forward to strengthening cooperation among the G-20 summit in Osaka to safeguard free trade and promote healthy development across the world. It can be seen that the world is highly concerned about whether the meeting between leaders of China and the US during the G20 Osaka Summit summit yesterday (28th) which could lead to a new situation in trade negotiations.

Although the US and Chinese leaders had a polite meeting during the G20 summit, the prospects still remained uncertain.

As a developing country, we certainly hope that the two participating countries will proceed towards a win-win situation. We believe that with the unsatisfactory performance of the US economic indicators, the US business community and the people have experiencing the crisis and impacts brought about by the trade war.

For us, with the China-US trade war leading to the global supply chain restructuring which created a short-term opportunity for foreign investment in Malaysia, yet we can no longer rest on our laurels. That means, we can not maintain the old thinking of attracting manufacturers and Vietnam and other countries to compete with low cost advantage.

Therefore, in line with the artificial intelligence, industrial 4.0 such emerging industrial models, our economy, enterprises and production models must be transforming and achieving industrial automation in order to stand out from intense competitions.

Looking forwards, our government should provide more financing facilities, R&D subsidies and strengthening local talents meanwhile encouraging domestic enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out industrial upgrading.

Ladies and gentlemen,

This year, our established brand activity, Malaysia-China Entrepreneurs Conference (MCEC 2019) has gone through nine years and managed to repeatedly creat new horizons, new achievements in the promoting of economic and trade relations, people-to-people interaction and friendly relations between Malaysia and China.

This year, our theme is “A Greater Glory-45th Anniversary of Malaysia-China Diplomatic Relations”. With our rich historical ties and recent progressing development , Malaysia and China will work hand in hand towards a greater achievement and glory.

The 9th MCEC (MCEC 2019) will continue the pragmatic approach of activities organized. With the meticulous planning of the Young Entrepreneurs Committee -youth wing of MCCC - the 1st Malaysia-China Young Entrepreneurs Conference (MCYEC 2019) is borne to initiate a platform to incubate young entrepreneurs.

We do anticipating all of your support and to participate actively the MCEC 2019 cum MCYEC 2019 - “A Greater Glory-45th Anniversary of Malaysia-China Diplomatic Relations”. Together, we seek, innovate and create new business opportunities.

Last but not least, Ladies and gentlemen, once again I am thankful for your presence and the support you have been rendered to the MCCC all these years. I hope you will have a pleasant and enjoyable morning, and I wish you all good health!

Thank you.

Speech by Datuk Tan Yew Sing
29th, June 2019