Council Committee
Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce
1st Women Entrepreneurs Committee (2019-2022)

Chairperson : Helen Seibt
Deputy Chairperson : Dato’ Angie Ng
Vice Chairperson : Jamie Tiew,Datuk Emily Tan
Secretary : Joanne Teh
Deputy Secretary : Esther Tan
Treasurer : Coral Chia
Deputy Treasurer : Yvette Chin
Council Member : Yenzy Chen, Serene Ng, Meghan Chan,
Tang Kae Sue, Connie Tang, Low Lai Peng,
Stephany Ng, Serena Liow, Pauline Gan,
Janet Chan, Chow Lili, Nicole Yong, Jasmine Chin,
Jenny Liu

请填写女企业家委员会入会表格 Please fill up the Women Entreperneurs Committee Membership Application Form

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