Activity Reports
SOUVENIR: Tan Yew Sing, President of MCCC (fifth from left) presents a souvenir to YB Ignatius Darell Leiking, Minister of MITI.

1 August 2018

Kuala Lumpur: The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), which is dedicated to building Malaysia as the international preferred investment destination and the most competitive trading country, will fully co-operate and participate in Malaysia’s visit to China in mid-August.

An official visit to China led by the Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir, will conduct diplomatic exchanges in the form of state visit, and further explore the future mutual investment, economic and trade exchanges between Malaysia and China and domestic major infrastructure projects.

The Malaysia's new Minister of International Trade and Industry, YB Ignatius Darell Leiking, made the above statement when he was paid a courtesy visit by the Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC).

YB Ignatius pointed out that our prime minister’s diplomatic thinking and international outlook focused on diplomatic balance and the interests of the people are very clear.

"China is an ideal partner of Malaysia and we need to pragmatically negotiate with China on various proposed issues in order to negotiate and implement co-operation and agreements between the two countries," YB Ignatius said.

YB Ignatius is looking forward to the concept and prospect of "building a new type of international relations with co-operation and win-win" proposed by Chinese President, Xi Jinping, and is deeply interested in the China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in China since 2018.

YB Ignatius revealed that the delegation of the Ministry of Trade and Industry led by him plans to meet many Chinese institutional units and representatives to seek more in-depth economic and trade exchanges between the two countries.

In addition, YB Ignatius also agreed that the MCCC has long been contributing to the relationship between the two countries. YB promised to invite MCCC if the ministry is organising any visit to China.

YB Ignatius highly affirmed the ability of the MCCC to receive 150 to 200 Chinese delegations each year. He also promised that he would seriously consider visiting the headquarters of the MCCC in person to express his support to the chamber.