Activity Reports
“Will the new Malaysian Government Lead a better future?”

Organized by

Kedah-Perlis Pro Tem Committee

MCCC Kedah, Perlis Pro Tem Committee presented a hamper to the moderator. (L-R) Tan Ah Kiang, Lim Cheng Keat, Kerk Loong Sing, Kevin Siah and Thay Peng Hong.

MCCC Kedah-Perlis Pro Tem Committee Vice Chairman Tan Ah Kiang pointed out that from the new government and ministers’ perspective on the current difficulties faced by the country, it evince the courage of the new government in facing  the problems and dare to speak out to the people about the country’s predicament.

Tan added that since the problems has been identified, what is needed now is a good resolution and counter measures.

“What is the future of Malaysia economic trend? I believe this is a mystery in everyone’s mind” Tan added. “We should establish a preliminary concept and view on the new government that led by Tun Dr Mahathir, everyone is very concerned about the issue of the RM 1 trillion government debts”.

Kerk Loong Sing, MCCC Vice President, as a keynote speaker to the forum said that the world economic will be facing numerous challenges in the next two years, especially the unilateralism, protectionism and geographical chaos provoked by the Us in the US-China trade war, will lead to instability of world economic development and will also affect Malaysia economic to a certain extent.

In any case, Kerk highly looks forward to the new government, new policies, and believes that Malaysia economic will become better and better.