Activity Reports
Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) urge our government to permit optical shops the option to carry on their operation and offer eyecare services during the 3rd MCO period, especially to those working in Essential Services. The Malaysian Optical Council of the Ministry of Health has in its letter dated on March 17th, 2020, approved the optical shops to operate during the 1st and 2nd MCO periods since the Optometry service is categorized under the Essential Health Services in Malaysia. In fact, there were optical shops operating during the MCO 1st and 2nd periods throughout Malaysia.

During the practicing and operating of eye care services from 18th March until 14th April, 2020, optometrists and opticians have been helping customers to repair spectacles, providing contact lenses, contact lens solutions and etc., and there is no coronavirus case reported due to the provision of eyeglasses and contact lenses during the 1st and 2nd MCO periods.

For doctors, nurses, polices, bomba, Grabriders, bankers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, pilots and many others who are very needed to perform their duties during the MCO periods, and if unfortunately, their eyeglasses or contact lenses are broken, then Optometry services become critical indirectly to these essential services!

MCCC therefore appeal to the Government to allow the Optometry shops to have the option to continue providing their services. In addition, we will expect the optical shop to provide health declaration form to keep track of their customers’ health record and facilitate contact tracing, if so necessary. It is also vital for all operating optical shops to take all precaution steps according to MOH SOP in providing eye care services. Such services should only be provided to persons working in sectors classified as essential.