Malaysia-China Trade and Investment GuideTrade and investment between Malaysia and China have been increasing over the years thanks to the long-standing friendly bilateral ties and c1ose-knitted relations between the two governments. In recent years, China has emerged as the largest trading partner of Malaysia, which at the same time is also one of the major trading partners of China. Trade volume between Malaysia and China even exceeded many countries like Russia, United Kingdom, Brazil, etc.

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At the end of 2013, the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping proposed the One Belt One Road initiative, and as a result, rapport between industry and business sectors of both countries became closer and more connected. The number and frequency of Chinese business representatives visiting Malaysia have been rising every year.

After Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) held its National General Assembly and a new session of National Council members were elected, a brain storming camp was conducted in Genting Highlands in September 2016, to explore its future direction.

As one of the resolutions, the chamber will publish the "Malaysia-China Trade and Investment Guide" to fill the information gap between industry and business sectors of both countries. The objective of the publication is to assist and supply accurate information to businesses and enterprises in both countries on trade, investment, policy and other related information.

MCCC did set up a working committee comprising of the central committee members to start working on the guide so that it can be published on time. It was decided that the guide would cover a wide range of law and regulations, tax scheme, incentives, policies and awards for business and investments in China and Malaysia, as well as business prospects of the Belt & Road initiatives.

The guide would also interview industrial pioneers in both China and Malaysia to share their rich investment exposure and experience as a reference for other investors.

Although the process of guide publication was a challenging task, we hope that this become an important resource for those investors who are looking to invest in either China or Malaysia.

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